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Saturday, December 31

Emily Southerland Photography: 2016 In Review

I'm sitting by the glow of my Christmas tree, holding a sleeping baby in the ring sling and compiling one favorite image from every session I shot this year.... and it's been a quiet and warm-fuzzy way to spend some of my New Year's Eve. I shot a bit less this year because of Larkin's arrival, but not much less! I think this amounts to 52 separate shooting occasions... (Well, and while I only shared two of Larkin's posed newborn images, I did her photos over several days, so if we counted each of those separately, the number 52 would be higher.)

I feel incredibly lucky to get to do this as a way of helping support our family. It's not a full-time gig, and it's not a full-time salary, for sure... but it helps. And I feel so much joy and satisfaction in doing it, time after time, year after year. I am not ever going to be one of the best... But I still grow a little every year in my art and in my ability to see into the heart of the people I get to photograph. I love real emotion, I always love the vivid close-up above any other pose/setup, and I still tend towards safe, clean flat light as my default... though I am always trying to push myself to get uncomfortable and grow. I love every age and stage of the children I photograph, and I love the unique challenges and idiosyncrasies that go with those ages. And I'm still a fast-talker, fast-shooter, slow emailer. (*oof. So lame.)

So here's to another year of Emily Southerland Photography (my eighth, if we go by my business license start year!!). Thank you, clients and friends. I love you guys. I love getting to be a part of your family's story, sometimes more than once. 

Please enjoy my favorites from every session, January through just yesterday (an end-of-year wedding!) including any that I shot of my own kiddos this year. Do you see anyone you know? Do you have any favorites? I'd love to hear!


  1. Ok...my non-newborn faves because I cannot choose between babies. The little guy in the suit and tie. The three brothers in sweaters cracking up. Dawn and her family. And I had forgotten Noah's buzz cut.

  2. What a beautiful year. The one with Max is especially precious....and he is actually looking at the camera!